Why Real Estate Websites Are Now Industry Standard

At Ascend Lead Sites, we’ve been fortunate enough to watch the real estate industry evolve over the years. In the early years of the internet, websites were a luxury. It was a strange dynamic because they could be considered ‘advanced’, but they would also have to deal with the fact that not many homes were online. Now, just a few years later, they’re a necessity for all businesses (especially in the real estate niche!).

We could point you in the direction of all sorts of statistics, but you only need to look around any given room to see just how much we rely on the internet these days. Whether it’s computers, phones, tablets, or laptops, they’re ubiquitous. Not only do we go to the internet first for local restaurants, dry cleaners, and when buying dining room chairs, we also have this habit for real estate agents.

Benefits of Introducing Technology

In 2019, we probably don’t have to go into great detail here because we all know that a website will;

  • Provide a hub for all consumers to discover your brand
  • Allow people to learn more about your service
  • Increase the potential for transactions and leads

For this reason, websites are now considered standard across the real estate market and we couldn’t be happier. Not only because we can help those who need websites, but because it allows consumers more choice. Suddenly, from the comfort of their own home (without even moving from the sofa!), they can pull out their phone and search for reliable and professional real estate agents. For agents, you have an opportunity to be one of the first names prospective clients discover.

Additionally, the incorporation of technology in general will allow agents to be more productive. Simultaneously, their happiness within a company increases and this motivates them to stay longer and go the extra mile to perform.

Positive Reputation 

Whether we like it or not, agents will communicate amongst themselves. While some agents are ecstatic that they have the industry’s best technology and a fully-functioning website, others will complain that they don’t. If you can offer technology that generates leads and boosts efficiency, your brand will have a fantastic reputation among all other agents in the industry.

As well as agents, who else talks? That’s right, customers. If a customer clicks onto your website and has a terrible experience, they’ll instantly click away (while also steering friends and family away too!). You could have the best service in the industry, but this doesn’t mean a thing if you don’t have the technology to match.

According to some reports, adoption rates can also increase to 70% when technology actually does what we expect from it. Alongside boosting reputation and adoption, introducing new technologies can also allow real estate agents to attract the industry’s hottest talent.

Make the Investment Today

Yes, investing in technology does mean spending money, but it also means replacing technology that isn’t working (and could be affecting your brand negatively!). Of course, we haven’t yet mentioned the opportunity for consolidation with technology. When introducing a new platform with dozens of features, you could actually remove a handful of old programs that have now been made redundant.

In terms of websites, they will continue to play an important role and we’re seeing this first-hand at Ascend Lead Sites. Since our own websites come with an integrated customer relationship platform, brokerages are able to reduce the hassle that their previous infrastructure offered. They have everything in one place, customers love the advanced website and improved interaction, and agents feel compelled to stay!

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