What is a RETS Feed & How Do I Get Started?

What is a RETS Feed?

RETS is an acronym which stands for Real Estate Transaction Standard. It is a framework which basically handles real estate data. It is essentially a raw data connection between your personal website and the multiple listing service (MLS). RETS was launched in 1999.

RETS data is raw data which needs to be translated into usable data. This usable data will allow agents to import content such as property listings and display this information into a more user friendly format on your website. There are many plugins and services that provide real estate agents an array of solutions but, as always do your research to make sure it fits your business and your team.

If you’re interested in building a real estate website that needs access to the MLS or other real estate information, building it with RETS may be a great way to get started.

With Ascend Lead Sites, we take all the guesswork and programming out of the way so you can focus on what you do best: sell homes. Your RETS feed will feature:

– customizable and modern real estate websites
– up to date information from our servers to your website (usually refreshed every 15 minutes!)
– display MLS data to your clients, sphere and new prospects

Want to test drive our system? Check out our Demo here.

Your real estate business is different and so should your website!  Your website designs are modern and fully customizable to YOUR business and team.

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