How to Incorporate Ringless Voicemail Technology into Your Business

How to Incorporate Ringless Voicemail Technology into Your Business

Would you like to add Ringless Voicemail Drops™ to your business’ marketing arsenal? This article will cover all you need to know about the technology, including a little background and how to incorporate it into your business.
Ringless voicemail is an innovative software system based in the cloud that enables users to directly send pre-recorded voicemail messages to landlines, mobile devices and individuals. Drop Cowboy enables people to send traditional ringless voicemail messages using the True Ringless™ voicemail drops™ system.

Traditional Ringless Voicemail

This is the typical way messages are delivered to landline and mobile voicemails and a missed call with a voicemail alert usually appears on the screen of most devices. The phone carrier’s signalling mechanism triggers the answering machine to pick up the message, which leads to the alert.

There is No Ring

When you use Ringless Voicemail™, the phone you’re calling doesn’t ring, making this push voicemail noninvasive. Telemarketers don’t have to waste time waiting for the phone on the other end to ring.

How To Incorporate Ringless Voicemail Technology Into Your Business

Complies with TCPA Regulations

Ringless Voicemail™ offers endless conversion opportunities for businesses of all sizes. As opposed to making cold calls that can trigger a Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) lawsuit, when you place a message directly into a customer’s voicemail without their phone ringing it fully complies with federal laws since there hasn’t been a real call made. The reality is that this service is considered an “Enhanced Service” under the TCPA.

Messages are Easily Transmitted

When you incorporate Ringless Voicemail™, your brand messages are easily transmitted to customers. There is no need to place calls to your customers, sit around waiting for them to pick up and then hope they refrain from hanging up on you. All you have to do is record your message and send it directly to their voicemail.

They Listen at Their Convenience

A voicemail message is more effective than a phone call, we all know that. Customers can listen to their voicemails at their convenience. When phone calls come in during work hours, customers just hang up. But after hours when they’re no longer busy, they can listen to your message and play it again if needed.

Reach a Larger Audience

Ringless Voicemail™ allows you to expand your reach very quickly, allowing you to save on marketing costs. The task of recording and pushing out your voicemail messages can easily be done by one person.

Customers Can Call You Back

When your voicemail is received, your phone number appears as the caller ID, giving your customers an opportunity to call you back with their feedback. This feature removes the deception surrounding this form of telemarketing. This way you can evaluate the effectiveness of your message and improve it for next time if necessary.

Sends to Mobile Phones & Landlines

Ringless Voicemails™ are delivered to mobile phones through server-to-server communication. They can likewise be delivered to landlines with a carrier-provided voicemail system. However, there is a chance that the phone will briefly ring when the voicemail is sent to a landline.

You Must Identify Yourself

Because there are so many fraudsters out there trying to obtain our personal information, you need to be honest and upfront in your ringless voicemail messages. Begin by identifying yourself by name and the name of your company along with the purpose of your call. Make it short and sweet, a simple thank you message can go a long way to increase customer loyalty.

Incorporating Ringless Voicemail™ into Your Business

Ringless Voicemail™ can be incorporated into your business’ marketing strategy. The most popular way of using this technology is for lead generation. The reason it works so well for generating leads is that there is a “missed call” alert on the phone, which means there is a callback opportunity. All the contact has to do is tap their “call back” button to return your call. Users report a callback conversation rate up to 20% with contacts returning “missed calls” and/or hot leads resulting from contacts having listened to the message.


How To Incorporate Ringless Voicemail Technology Into Your Business

Ringless Voicemail™ offers huge benefits in today’s climate in which people are sick and tired of their phone ringing constantly from telemarketing calls. Since no call is actually being placed, you avoid this defensive reaction of most contacts by directly sending your message.

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