3 Benefits of an Integrated Dialer in Your CRM

In order to make your real estate business more efficient, here are 3 reasons why having a dialer in your CRM increases productivity! If you’re currently considering this move, here are three reasons why you should get started today!

Click To Call

Blaze through your phone calls! An integrated dialer can load all your lead’s numbers onto a list and call each one of them without pausing or any other input from you! All outgoing and incoming calls are also recorded onto the logs and some systems also allow actual conversation recording (although you will need permission from the prospect). Make notes, pause a dial or leave a voicemail! A dialer will allow you to multi task within one window!


Whether you have hundreds or thousands of leads and prospects in your CRM make sure to record all conversations and follow ups. The more you know about your lead the higher your conversion will be! With a dialer integrated into your CRM, simply follow up with a click and call your prospect if you haven’t spoken with them in a while. There is no longer the need to pick up your phone and call the prospect. Most dialers allow you to call with just one click once your lead window opens up. You can see the number of calls, texts or voicemails you have done with your lead all within one screen!


Finally, experience tells us that efficiency improvements typically equates to higher production and conversion.  Having a lead’s information and number of touches in front of your ISA or agent who is prospecting will allow them to find out who to reach out to next. With an efficient CRM agents can quickly call and document results all in a few seconds and all within one window.


For these three reasons, we believe having an integrated dialer in your CRM is a fantastic feature. Not only will you or your team be more organized, but you can really be more efficient and organized within one system. Even if a small investment is required for this to happen, the return experienced as a direct result of the change should be enough to make it worthwhile.

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