Each Generation Has its Own Preferences When It Comes to Texting

Every business, no matter how large or small, needs to know their audience. No matter what type of business you have, it’s vital that you know what your clients or customers like and don’t like. This is especially important when it comes to how they prefer to communicate. It’s already been established that consumers like communicating with businesses via text message, but it might be helpful to get an understanding of how generations differ in the way they text. Would your business have any reason to text baby boomers differently than millennials? Would Generation Z be put off by getting a text as an appointment reminder? What about emojis? is everyone okay with those?

To find out the answers to these questions and more, we conducted a survey. Here’s what we found:

Every Generation Prefers Texting with Businesses

You can rest assured that your customers and clients are happy for you to text them – and this spans all generations. In fact, 73% of participants remarked that they wished more businesses would text them. Now would be a good time to reassess how you communicate with customers. This information tells you that your texting pool is much larger than you probably realized.

Whether you’ve just begun to use texting strategies for your business or would appreciate a few ideas as you reassess your current practices, it only makes sense to look at how various industries are using this tool and how you can better make use of it in your business.

Your Competitors are Already Making Full Use of Texting

More businesses are finding out how powerful texting is as a communication tool that gets their customers’ full attention. Our survey shows that a large percentage of people from every generational block has received text messages from a business. Most people now accept that businesses are routinely texting their customers. It’s time for businesses to reevaluate their communication strategies and overall customer service to keep up with their audience. If you don’t text your customers, you are way behind the times!

Customers Like Being Reminded of Appointments via Text

By texting, you can eliminate hours spent doing repetitive tasks by phone or email. Sending a text to remind a client of an appointment has become very popular. The vast majority of survey takers from each generation expressed a preference for texting. It really makes perfect sense because everyone can see how convenient it is, no risk of playing phone tag and no emails to clog up the inbox. A quick text allows a customer to open the message at their convenience. The open rate of text messages is 98%, so it’s clear that if your goal is to improve customer engagement, texting would be a great way to go.

Help Your Business Reach a Larger Audience

If your business is not yet texting, you’re being left behind. Sign up with Ascend Lead Sites and start communicating with your customers on the medium they prefer.

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