Boost Your Real Estate Web Traffic with 7 Effective SEO Tips

You could have the best real estate service within a 100-mile radius, but this means nothing if nobody finds your business in the first place. These days, SEO is one of the best techniques for exposure and we have seven brilliant tips today!

1. Feature Exciting Homes

If you’re excited about particular properties and you want prospective clients to see the type of property you have available, feature them in blog posts and other content. With keywords and other SEO basics included, this is a great way to appeal to the emotions of readers and provide an insight into your service.

2. Utilize Local Keywords

While some businesses want to reach out to people all over the world, others operate in local markets and real estate websites definitely fall into the latter. Therefore, you should be optimizing your content with keywords that locals are using to find services of your type.

3. Use Directories

Since it takes little effort to get your name into directories, make it happen because lots of traffic can move through these huge lists; you never know who may come across your service.

4. Be Active on Social Media

Social media is fantastic because you can;

  • Engage with buyers/sellers
  • Build and maintain relationships
  • Share blog posts and other content
  • Answer common questions

If you aren’t on social media already, get started today!

5. Introduce Visual Content

You can’t sell a home with just text, so let the imagination of your visitors run wild as you provide them with interesting images and videos. Can they see themselves sitting on the decking of the property on a relaxing Sunday? If you don’t provide visual content, they definitely can’t. The more people look at images of properties, the more excited they tend to get as ideas start to flood the mind.

seo for real estates

6. Boost Exposure on A Broker Website

For those working for a broker, did you know that you probably have a space on their website? Introduce yourself, make sure your profile is free from errors, and play with the meta data. As people search for your full name on Google (something they will do!), you can make sure this shows up as a top result.

7. Offer an Optimized Experience Across All Devices

Finally, we all use our mobiles on the train, while waiting for a meeting, and at all other times. When looking to sell or buy a home, many are now using mobile devices, so your website needs to offer a positive and painless experience no matter how they access it.

Get started with these seven tips today and get the online growth you deserve!

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