5 Surefire Signs Your Website Needs A Redesign!

How do you know if your business could benefit from a website redesign? Here are 5 surefire signs you need to redesign your website!

1) The first sign that you may need a website redesign is if you changed your branding or what you offer in your business. Branding encompasses everything from your logo to all of your marketing materials including your website. Your branding is the personality of your business. It’s the feeling you want people to feel when they do business with you. You’re branding elements should match your overall look and feel of your company product and values.

2) The second sign for a redesign is if your clients aren’t engaged. You would know by looking into Google Analytics.

Image result for google analyticsTake a look at your bounce rate which is tracking tool to help businesses analyze their web traffic. When people are coming to your site and they’re just bouncing right off and not staying long, this is called the bounce rate. Generally it’s not a good sign but the main metric to look at is how much time they’ve spent on your site. If they’re staying less than 30 seconds, then they are not engaged on your website, you may reconsider redesigning your homepage so that it is more appealing.

Remember it is not just the graphic content but also the written content that needs updating. You want to be able to engage the prospect on both accounts. Write content that is simple and to the point. If you have trouble writing persuasive content consider hiring a professional content writer. (Check out Fiverr for great blog & content writers!) Also consider creating a few different home page styles and testing which one works better for your target audience. Once you know which page gets better bounce rates then you will be able to pick out the best homepage.

3) This would lead us up to the next reason for a redesign. Most businesses write content that is way too complicated or say too much on their website or offer way too many pages. It may sound like a good thing to cater everybody but the truth is whenever you include too much content and give people too many choices they get really lost in translation and don’t know where to go or do next. The better thing to do is to concentrate on a niche or certain product or specialty and go from there. For example if you’re a real estate agent try to focus on a neighborhood or community that you are very informed or knowledgeable about and start writing content about that particular neighborhood. Content could include a blog or videos that really show you’re a specialist in the area. If you started being a specialist in 20 different cities right off the bat it may be hard to find and write content for all 20 different cities. You will find that once you become a specialist in that neighborhood you can move on to another neighborhood and ramp up from there.

4) Next up for considering a redesign is if your website isn’t continuingly bringing in new business. This means your website is not doing its job because it doesn’t have enough persuasive content to push a prospect into a sale or have a prospect provide some piece of information about them to you. This is called Call To Action. Call to action is a piece of content intended to influence your prospect to perform a specific act. I would recommend different call to actions on your website. For example in real estate, this would be a lead filling out your lead capture form with their contact information. You will need to write compelling call to action or provide information that a prospect is interested in for them to fill out your form and provide you with their information.

See this sample below. There is information in the back of the lead capture form to show that the information is ready for the lead right AFTER they fill out the contact form. Always provide the information to your prospect as soon as they fill in the form. You will find that your prospect will be happy and more willing to do business with you if you provide them with the information they requested in a timely manner than if you continually ask for more information.

The vast majority of people who are not ready to do business with you right now are people who are basically in research mode and you may need a redesign for this because there’s a lot of planning involved. Buying a home for example is one of life’s biggest investment and it may take up to a year for a buyer to raise their hand and say their ready. In the meantime you will need to continuingly provide your prospect with information or an engaging content to keep coming back to your website.

5) Last on our list for consideration for a redesign would be if your website does not perform well or is not optimized well on mobile phones or tablets. More than half of website traffic and website visits are done on mobile tablet or mobile phones. Website visitors are increasingly surfing the internet more and more with their smartphones and your website will need to be optimized for this. Optimization would mean that your website will load quickly and will provide an accurate small version of your desktop website onto a mobile phone.

Redesigning your website no longer is too technical with WordPress. You can use tools that build WordPress web pages such as Elementor.

Every business should research what will work for them in terms of their design and content. Expect a lot of trial and error because consumers’ needs and wants change. If you are a real estate agent however, check out our IDX website. We have websites that have been strategically designed to specifically capture home buyer and seller leads!

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