3 Reasons to Join a Real Estate Team

3 Reasons to Join a Real Estate Team

When it comes to a career change, it can be an exciting yet daunting time. For us, we believe real estate to be a fantastic option. Whether this is something you’re hearing for the first time or you’re taking the next step of your research, allow us to offer three reasons why this is the case.

Before anything else, we should note that this is a difficult path to master. According to the National Association of Realtors, nine in every ten agents fail within five years. We aren’t trying to scare you off but instead point you in the direction of a real estate team.

Rather than doing everything yourself, why not join a team that has a track record of success? Here are our three reasons why you should consider a real estate team!


Firstly, the real estate market has changed significantly in recent years and technology has had a large role to play in this. While technology is great, it’s also incredibly expensive. By joining a team that already has established systems set up, you can immediately work with the best real estate CRM, for example.


In case you haven’t seen these previously, leads get funnelled as they enter the system and you can ensure the follow-up process is achieved correctly.


Since we’re focusing on career changes, we assume you don’t have experience in this field. Rather than paying out for expensive courses, we recommend joining a company that will offer training and their expertise to hone your skills in the field. Especially in real estate, standing still is a crime so we have no doubt you’ll get offered brilliant training.

We aren’t saying you aren’t capable of setting yourself up for success alone, but you would need to spend lots more time studying trends and staying on top of what you’re doing. When in a team, you’re constantly bouncing ideas off one another and it becomes a learning environment. Rather than growing alone, you grow with others.



Lead Management

Finally, we briefly mentioned real estate CRMs, and this is because they are almost essential in today’s environment. With multiple leads coming in simultaneously, asking for different things, and at different stages of the buying process, it can be tricky to know which you’ve followed up, who have attended open houses, who has seen what homes, etc.

As we’ve already discovered, established teams should have a real estate CRM ready to help. Suddenly, you only log into one platform and all the information you need is available at the click of a button.

lead management

Also, we can’t underestimate the benefit of sharing a workload. Don’t take responsibility for every single lead (you’ll never sleep!), work with a team.

Though we appreciate that everybody is different, life will be much easier by entering a real estate team. Share the workload, utilize the technology, and enjoy the training. Over time, you’ll grow as an agent and THEN you can consider starting your own venture!

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